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Peace 2 the Gods

Peace 2 the Gods



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Quote from ‘The Source’ about the S.O.B.s show the other night…


"Eye2025 fans are serious. When he hit the stage there was a clear shift in energy…"

Off his first solo project IllumiNessence gives us EYE2025*CHAPTER1. He takes us on a dark, rhythmic exploration of our modern “Digital World.” The viral piece was shot in Harajuku Tokyo and edited by Rob Lee. This version of “Digital World” can be downloaded at

The remix, cooked up by Jack Deezl out of Philadelphia, and also features the other-worldly vocals of Brooklyn based sensation Raye 6.

The dark minimalistic electro Deezl brings, perfectly captures illuminNessence’s ominous message of the future — a future around the corner where we are completely entrenched in the digital world we’ve created. We rapidly lose our ability to truly feel, truly love and truly live. Raye 6’s eerily beautiful hook compliments the apocalyptic feel of “Digital World”.
Lyrics like “Spend hours on the internet/everything is at your fingertips/’Stead of telling her you love her you textin’ it/Living in a Digital World.”

Perfectly illuminates the age we’re living in and are quickly driving towards.

Once again, illuminNessence shows us the bleak yet beautiful world of 2025, a future just around the corner. “Digital World” [Jack Deezl Remix] is available now on iTunes at